The Man Who Never Died

It’s Friday, we’re in the West Kootenay region and we’ll be playing our first ever date in Rossland, BC tonight. We’ve heard that folks have been stealing the gig posters in and around the town. We hope you’ve all got those up on your walls now and hope to see you all at the historic Miner’s Union Hall.

Rossland Miners Hall

From “Built in 1898, this historic place was the central organization point for the Miners Union, whose fight for just and safe labour conditions at the end of the nineteenth-century led to the legislation of the eight-hour work day, amended the Trade Union Act, and paved the way for the union movement in British Columbia and Canada.”

It has also been rumoured for decades that the Miner’s Union Hall in Rossland was where famed pioneer Wobbly organizer and protest singer Joe Hill had hid out from US authorities in the early years of the 20th century. This video explains more.