Hello 2017!

It was a whirlwind of a year, 2016 was. Comings and goings, endings and beginnings … and so many great gigs. We started the year fresh off the release of ‘Colebrook Road’ (our opus Mud) with high hopes for some ground-breaking airplay, quality bookings, and enhanced national / international profile. Well, we got all of that. And then some.

Stingray Satellite Radio placed Colebrook Road’s opening track, ‘All I Want Is You’ into rotation. CBC Radio One’s Saturday Night Blues host, Holger Peterson, gave us our first nationally-broadcast radio play. We received big airplay on college radio across Canada and internationally. Colebrook Road t-shirts were spotted on the streets of Le Mans (that’s in France, y’all) and the album was well-received wherever it happened to appear, from Rossland to Rio. We burned through our first pressing in record time (no pun intended) and played sold-out shows at Blues bars, Jazz clubs, festivals, fairgrounds, and juke joints. We hauled video and audio recording crews up to the legendary Lorenzo’s Cafe (perhaps the funkiest juke joint on the planet) and recorded a live album (scheduled for release sometime this year–fingers crossed …) and shot hours of video for future Youtube vids and our grand documentary feature ‘The Band That Won’t Go Away’ (to be completed who-knows-when and released one-of-these-years–fingers, toes and eyes crossed …)

We said a fond farewell to our longtime bassist, Bob ‘Beaudine’ Petterson (departing for greener pastures with our best wishes and thanks–one of a very few people to depart the Muds who didn’t do so ‘feet-first’) and welcomed back our original bass whammer, Dennis Ingvaldson (seven years between gigs and Denner didn’t miss a beat–though he did have a heap of songs to learn!)

Adios and thank you, Mr Beaudine!

… and welcome back, Denner!

And we played. We played whenever we could, wherever we could. And in 2017 we will continue to play wherever and whenever we can.

It’s what we do. We’re the band that won’t go away.

See you at the shows!