The Mud Bay legal department has just received a confirmation that Slim has been given clearance to land within the city limits for the show on Saturday and it just keeps getting better…

Our very special guest, Jimmy Cummins (aka legendary pop art maker I, Braineater) will be gracing our album release evening with a visitation Saturday night. Coursing through his Renaissance of Phenomenon, Mr. Cummins will create before our very eyes, a collection of limited edition wearable art pieces inspired by the new Colebrook Road album.

This is shaping up to be quite an evening, ladies and gentlemen! The Fallen Angel of Exhilaration, Mud Bay Slim (and the rest of his Merry Band of Blues Bastards) AND the Chinese Fireworks team both poised to light up the skies over the Backstage Lounge on Granville Island Saturday night July 25th

Albums –T-shirts, refreshments, true stories and likely tales all available in plentiful supply when the doors open at 8pm. Music starts at 10:00

Muds Colebrook Road one sheet - My Underwood 8.5 X 11Mud Bay Blus Band Colebrook Road CD Release

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