For 40 years (and counting) MUD BAY has been electrifying audiences with their unique brand of high-intensity original Rock, Roots and Blues music. Weathering more than a few storms along the way, they have been hailed true Soul Survivors — “The Band That Won’t Go Away” — much to the delight of music lovers worldwide.

The 5 piece group features four songwriters (three of whom are lead vocalists), one of many unique aspects which distinguish them from their contemporaries. Underlying this diversity, however, is a shared vision honed by decades of playing music together. No matter who wrote it or who sings it, it comes out sounding like MUD BAY.

The men from Mud Bay are:

Murphy Farrell – drums and percussion

Dennis Ingvaldson – bass and vocals

Mud Bay Slim – Harmonica, vocals and percussion

Mark Branscombe – guitar and vocals

Randall T Carpenter – guitar. steel guitar, mandolin and vocals